Do You Have To Do Jury Duty If You’re Sick?

What is Jury Duty?

 It is when one is summoned to serve as a juror on a case in a trial. It is a very important role as you are the one responsible for giving a verdict on whether somebody is guilty or innocent in a case. The jurors all have to vote based on the evidence provided and decide on what they believe is true, id the person being accused is innocent or all evidence proves him a criminal. Jury duty involves making judgements of people’s characters and seeing beyond what is and then deciding on somebody’s fate. Yes, it is a very demanding task, but it is one to enjoy very much, as it part of fulfilling your civic duties and yes people can be stressed that it means you have to be away from work, but it is that duty where an employer cannot say a word against you are away.

Why you need to be sure of jury duty summoning?

 Before registering your name on the database to be considered for jury duty, you should ensure that you have adhered to all the terms and conditions that are entailed, as in some states, excuses for not showing up for your termed duty and day may result in heavy penalties and even a jail term. Therefore, ensure that you have the clause of being able to be excused if you are terminally ill or have some urgent emergency that you cannot look back at and neglect. Be sure of what you are signing up for.


What to do when you’re sick and you are on a jury?

 Sometimes illness catches us unannounced, unaware and unprepared and we have so many important agendas that need completing, jury duty is one of them and you cannot make it. All you have to do is call your local jurisdiction that assigned you to the duty about it and asked to be excused. They will decide whether you will be summoned to the next hearing or not or if you will not need to do it at all.

Jury duty is very important and when you have been selected from the system to perform that duty it is expected that you do so, but, when you feel sick suddenly, you are not at all obliged to go and attend the hearing of the trial, as you may infect others that are there and also may not be in physical health to do the duty to your full capacity.

It is, however, dependant on the state law, whether or not you can be excused immediately or not. Some states do not allow you to be away at looking for a replacement juror may mean interfering with the case files and court proceedings, so you may have to be very careful with your summoning. You shall have to consult your local authorities about the matter and have them make a decision on their end as they deem fit.


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