Can I Get Sick Time If I Only Work Part Time?

What is sick time pay?

On the off chance that you are sick as a result of your job, you may get:

  • Statutory Sick Pay. This is cash that is paid by law to the most workers are qualified for on the off chance that they are sick
  • Contractual Sick pay. This is cash that your agreement of work says you are qualified for in the event that you are sick.

If you are off debilitated from off from your job, you may get the Statutory Sick Pay. Statutory Sick Pay is paid by your manager for up to 28 weeks. SSP is dealt with like income for the reasons of wage expense and structures a piece of your assessable salary.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you are working part- time or full-time. Organization laborers and specialists on a settled term contract fit the bill for SSP. However, if you are independently employed, you don’t meet all requirements for SSP.

Part time workers also receive sick time


Low maintenance workers have the same sick leave privileges as full-time representatives. They are entitled five days’ debilitated leave following six months’ ceaseless business.

Once a worker has qualified according to constitutional standards to receive sick time pay, he or she keeps on being qualified for debilitated and deprivation leave. In this manner, the first privilege is earned at six months, the following qualification in a year and a half, etc.

It will have no effect to the representative’s privilege to get sick time leave if for whatever reason the worker needed to work an additional day occasionally, however it may influence the rate of pay.

The factors are:

  • The terms of the occupation
  • The representative’s work designs
  • Whether the representative works just when work is accessible
  • The executive’s programs or other comparative frameworks
  • The sensible desires of the gatherings that the representative would chip away at the day concerned, and

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  • Whether, if the day had not been an open occasion, option occasion, or a day of sickness or loss leave, the representative would have taken a shot on the day being referred to.

Your superintendent may request that you take over specific administers about letting them know you are off wiped out. For instance, they may demand that you:

  • Give a restorative authentication quickly
  • Telephone in by a certain time of day to let them know you are wiped out
  • Telephone in more than once a week when you are off debilitated
  • Telephone in yourself (not ask another person to do it for your benefit).

Your manager must let you recognize what these tenets are ahead of time and on the off chance that you break the guidelines, your boss can decline to pay you your contractual debilitated pay. Case in point, our superintendent can decline to pay you sick pay for the days that you are over and don’t phone in debilitated. Likewise, on the off chance that you break the principles, you will be breaking the rules of your vocation contract and inevitably this could prompt you losing your occupation.

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