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Doctors Don’t Just Listen To You, They Note Your Condition

Authentic health excuses

Always use real Doctors’ notes

When you’re sick and don’t have the choice of just having of the counter drugs, we all opt to go see a doctor and have ourselves checked and diagnosed so that we may find out and get to the bottom of what is making us feel ill and get relief from it quickly. It is all a matter of seeing that doctor and yes, there is the dreading bit of what you might be told or asked to do, but there is no reason to fear, as your doctor will help you in the best way possible.

Observe what your doctor notes down

The very moment you get into the office, doctors note your condition and begin writing down everything you are complaining of as it is mandatory that they understand what the patient is suffering from, so that he may prescribe medicines based on what they see is wrong, through observing patterns of what they jot down. Doctors Notes contain all your medical history from when you have been seeing that doctor so that they can have a profile of what conditions you suffer from, any allergies you may be having and respond accordingly.

Completely fooling your employer is more than just a fake doctor’s note. After handing your note, you must pretend that you’ve really been to your doctor. Fake the cough if you had to. Do whatever the note says.

Where to use the doctor’s note

f4 You should observe that every time you complain about anything that you may be having problems from; they will immediately get their pen and write it down. The doctor’s notes are a source of information that can be used in multiple ways, you may ask for an excuse from a medical physician when you want a sick leave from work, or when you need a further test to be done, or even seek the opinion of another practitioner, therefore take note of what you tell your doctor, as they write it all down. You may be faking an injury so that you may get a few days of rest from school, work, etc., but your doctor may consider it genuine and you may be misdiagnosed.

How the doctor’s note can be beneficial

Ever wanted to get out of work, to get some leisure time with your loved one, or just a break from all that school work, but you have no real excuse, that is when you should opt getting a doctor’s note who can attest to you being sick and needing some time off for bed rest and hence you need to be excused. This note can only be gotten from a doctor that you know will be willing to lie to you as that is against the medical ethics, but you can also consider other means of obtaining one, from the internet, because genuine doctor’s notes will mention all your conditions on it and if your doctor doesn’t agree to giving you one without a real cause, you may find yourself in boiling water.

It is imperative that one understands what they tell their doctors as they write all of it down, and there is evidence of it, therefore, make sure you are honest with him/her. Get a copy at for free and use it next time you want to have a free day off.